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SpångenThis is an old footbridge. As you can see it is almost falling apart. It has seen to many winters covered in snow and to many spring floods when it has been soaked in river water. The footbridge is no more. The wood has been used for a Walpurgis bonfire. The high grass has been cut down. The soil has been dug out for a new boat channel.

This was a difficult challenge! I felt like I had so many pictures to share.
In the end I went with a picture from a place that means a lot to me. For me the picture speaks of simple and happy times spent in a small lodge in the forest, with a small sauna just by the river. The old footbridge used to lead out to the water. It was a wobbly and slippery way, but it was a firm path through the wet mud at the river bank.

A rainy day in July

Lost in the Details.
This weeks photo challenge is about getting lost in the details.